Pigeon Racing Lofts

A little about me.

My name is Stephen Michael and I am a father of three beautiful girls: Hannah 15, Sarah 12, and Mia 6. I have been married to my wife Kerrie for 18 years. She is a high school English teacher, and together we have owned and operated a successful plumbing company for over ten years.

My father Paul Michael had birds since he was a boy, so I come from a history of pigeons. He would take me all over the United States to visit pigeon fanciers. I lived and breathed pigeons.

After high school, I joined the Marine Corps. After serving my time and then getting married, it was time to get back into racing pigeons in 2006. It took me three years to become competitive.

In 2009 I finished at the top of not only my club, but our combine and AU national awards as well, and have been a very fierce competitor ever since.

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